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Descubre Cenote de Dzitnup o X’kekén


Comisaría de Dzitnup, Municipio de Valladolid, Yucatán.


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Two kilometers to the west of the heroic city of Valladolid is the X'kekén Park where you can enjoy a refreshing swim and immerse yourself in the ancient waters of a Mayan cenote.

The charming and refreshing Cenote Dzitnup is known as La Cueva Azul. The sun passes through a small natural entrance in the upper part of the vault, illuminating the interior and creating a surprising image with the reflection of the water. Its entrance is narrow and the descent is by stairs well carved in rock, which flow into a place that allows access to the only room in the cavity. In it there is a turquoise blue lake decorated with stalagmites, which descend from the vault and duplicate its image in the water. The light that comes from the ceiling increases its majesty. He was discovered by a peasant when he was looking for his little pig that fell in the cenote. At first it was known as Xkekén, which means "pig" in Mayan.

The cenote of Samulá is in front of the one of Xkekén. It is a beautiful underground cavern with turquoise blue waters that are illuminated by a hole in the upper part. From this hang the roots of the trees that surround it until you reach the bottom.


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