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Km 7 de la carretera Oxkutzcab-Emiliano Zapata (Cooperativa), Municipio de Oxkutzcab, Yucatán


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Considered as the most extensive caverns of Yucatan, the Loltún Grottos lead to a trip to the Mayan underworld, where you can know part of the history that surrounds this millenary culture. During the tours that are offered every hour, you descend to a depth of 65 meters to know the rock formations, human settlements that date from the Pleistocene period, and Mayan vestiges that are there. You can see cave paintings such as hands, faces, animals and stepped frets, sculptural pieces, and Mayan tools. As part of various explorations, saber-toothed bison, mammoth and tiger bones have been found on the site.

The caves have a modern lighting that shows a beautiful show of lights between the rock formations.
The place is conformed by diverse rooms between which they emphasize the Cathedral, the Gallery of the Canyon, the Maize of Maize, and the Quarter of the Stalactites. Also they are counted on denominated Room of the Musical Colonnades, formed by the union of stalactites and stalagmites, that when struck produce sounds that resemble the word Loltún.

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