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Descubre Grutas de Balankanché


Km 6 de la Carretera Estatal Pisté- Valladolid, Comisaría Municipal de Pisté, Municipio de Tinum, Yucatán.


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The Balankanché Caves are an important archeological and natural attraction of Yucatan. Recognized as the home of the Throne of the Jaguar, this underground world has a unique mysticism that can only be discovered by going down inside, as well as observing the stalactites, stalagmites, incense burners, ceramics and figures of the god Chaac.

Among the attractions offered by Balankanché is the light and sound show, which tells in Spanish, English and French, the history of the place, a botanical garden and a museum with photographs and explanatory cards about the sacred rituals practiced in this space.

When leaving, you can cool off in the surrounding bush, use the facilities, and rest awhile.

Schedules Income to the Caves
- 09:00 hrs Spanish
- 10:00 hrs French
- 11:00 hrs English
- 12:00 hrs Spanish
- 13:00 hrs English
- 14:00 hrs Spanish
- 15:00 hrs English
- 16:00 hrs Spanish


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